The experienced staff at ABC 1-2-Tree can trim trees of any size or condition. We also provide clean up so you do not have to. Relieve yourself of the potential dangers of tree climbing and allow our 20+ years of experience do the work.

Tree Trimming Info:

It can sometimes be difficult to know when the trees on your property need to be trimmed. Just looking at a tree's appearance can sometimes be enough but in many cases, there are hidden elements that present a danger to the tree and your property. We provide basic pruning all the way to crown reduction.

Types of Pruning:


Fine Pruning : Fine pruning involves simply removing the smaller limbs to improve the appearance of the tree.


Standard Pruning : Standard pruning goes a little more in depth in the cutting to enhance and strengthen the structure of the tree and it's branches.


Hazard Trimming : Hazard trimming is vital when the tree in question poses a safety concern. We will evaluate the tree and remove larger branches in most cases.


Crown Reduction : Crown reduction is performed when there are signs of significant dieback, storm damage or when branches are interfering with power lines. It is done by removing the major branches of the tree. It is best practice to never remove more than a third of the tree's crown.

6 Reasons Why You Should Trim or Prune a Tree


1. The overall health of a tree can be improved with proper trimming and removing branches that are either dead or in the process of dying. Not only does this prevent further decay, but it reduces the risk of damage to your property.


2. Trimming improves the overall appearance of the tree and enhances it's structure. This keeps it from developing broad or weak branches that can either grow weak areas or fight for space in the crown.


3. Increasing the sun exposure and overall air circulation throughout the tree and the landscape below will improve the tree's health. Be aware and keep watch for sunscald which affects some leafless trees during winter time.


4. It is well known that pruning fruit trees can improve the size and quantity of the fruit. Fruit trees should be pruned in later winter times to expose the center of the tree to sunlight.


5. If you have a newly planted tree, pruning can help compensate for root loss and help train the tree for shape.


6. Tree trimming can open up your property and give you a whole new view you have never seen before.