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Stump Grinding FAQ's

Commonly Asked Questions About Stump Grinding

1. Why should I consider stump grinding?
Removing a stump through grinding provides many benefits such as keeping your yard safe by eliminating tripping hazards. Grinding out the stump also eliminates the habitat for termites, ants, bees, snakes and other animals to maintain a beautiful lawn.


2. What is the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?
Choosing stump grinding over stump removal provides less impact on your landscaping, minimal cost compared to stump removal, and no extra dirt is required to fill in the former "stump hole". The grindings from the ground out stump can also be used as mulch!


3. What is left after stump grinding?
Unlike stump removal, no damage to your landscaping and no large hole remains after the stump is ground out. The grindings, as well as any dirt around the area, are used to fill in the minor hole after the stump has been ground out. Any extra mulch can be used for landscaping.


4. How much does stump grinding cost?
The stump diameter, type of tree, height, and the amount of surface roots will all be a factor on determining the cost of grinding out a stump. Please call for an estimate.


5. What type of machinery is used in stump grinding?
Unlike the large machinery used when removing a stump, stump grinding requires one small machine that does not tear up the yard or leave marks in the driveway. The grinding equipment will only need a minimum of 36" to fit through a fence gate or other tight entryway.  Some stump removals will require the use of a larger machine.