Experienced Tree Removal Professionals

Has a tree fallen on your property?  ABC 1-2-Tree responds to your emergency with our reputable service!

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ABC 1-2-Tree offers experienced, fully-insured professionals and honest, affordable prices. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and we use the safest practices in the industry. We only employ certified arborists and seasoned tree care professionals so you can feel confident as we safely remove a tree from your property in an emergency situation..

What Would Require an Emergency Tree Removal?

Emergencies are not always safety issues. When you are facing a limited time window, ABC 1-2-Tree can be there to take care of your issue. If you are in need of removing an unsightly or dead tree before an event, we can quickly accomodate you. You may also need quick service if you are begining construction and need to remove a tree or stump in the way. 

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Our job is to serve you however we can. If you need a tree removed as soon as possible, we are there to help! Our commitment is to serve our customers with the highest quality and most affordable arborist service in the state of Florida!